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Changed Hobart Street Names

Changed Tasmanian Place Names

Cora Num's list of Australian family history and other history web sites

Cyndi's List  If you can't find it here it probably hasn't been put on the web yet !

Family History Society Pages

Female Factory Historic Site

Female Factory Research Group

Friends of the Orphan Schools St Johns Park Precinct

Genealogy links from New York City

Irene Schaffer's Web Site

Libraries Tasmania- Family History Sources 

Lisa's Genealogy Pages

Maritime Museum of Tasmania

Millingtons - Southern Tasmanian Cemeteries

National Archives of Australia

Research Tasmania

Rootsweb AUS-Tasmanian Genealogy Mailing List

Tasmanian  Archives and Heritage Office

Tasmanian Gen Web

Trace Your Family Roots From Immigration to US Citizenship: A Genealogy Guide (USA site)


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