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Changed Hobart Street Names

These have been gathered from a number of different sources which are listed at the end of this table. Accuracy cannot be guaranteed as not all sources are primary.
Adelaide StreetWHHamilton Street1897Avoid duplication with Adelaide Street, South Hobart4 (p. 146); 9
Albert TerraceSHFreeman Street1939 2
Alfred Street Bedford Street, N-S sectionafter 1900 1
Ann StreetSHDrummond Street1939Sounded too similar to Antill Street2; 6
Arnold StreetNTHickman Street1939Avoid duplication with Arnold Street, Glenorchy2; 5
Arthur CircusHRunnymede Street1939Avoid confusion with Arthur Street, North Hobart2; 7
Arthur StreetNTCarlton Street1921Avoid duplication with Arthur Street, North Hobart1; 5
Auburn AvenueNTBurnside Avenue1926 3; 5
Audley PlaceNHAudley Street (NW-SE part)after 1890 1
Augustus TerraceWHMortyn Street by 1930sLater Forbes Avenue4 (p. 135)
Augustus TerraceWHFaraday Street1939Avoid confusion with Augusta Road, New Town2; 4 (p. 134); 9
Barrington StreetNTMarsh Street1939Sounded too similar to Harrington Street, Hobart2; 5
Bath StreetWHCarter Street?Later Gourlay Street4 (p. 145)
Birch AvenueSHMcKenzie Street1939 2; 6
Burnett PlaceNHCondell Place1939 2
California StreetNTBay Roadafter 1890 1
Cameron CrescentNHSalier Crescent1939 2
Carr Street (portion in line with Ryde Street)NHRyde Street1926 3
Carter CrescentWHGourlay Street1939 2; 4 (p. 145); 9
Catherine StreetNTNo longer exists.after 1890Absorbed into Brooker Avenue1
Cedric StreetNHWignall Street1939Considered too similar to Frederick Street, West Hobart2; 8
Central StreetHWatchorn Street1939 2
Chapel StreetHBerea Street1939 2; 4 (p. 117)
Clara StreetNHRyde Street1894Renamed by the Town Board, New Town1; 8
Clark ParadeNTQueens Walk1939 2
Clyde StreetHCriterion Street1939 2
Coleman StreetSHCrisp Street1939 2
Colville StreetNHGormanston Street1897Avoid duplication with Colville Street, Battery Point8
Congress StreetSHKooyong Glen1949Distinguish between sections either side Huon Road6
Corby LaneWHBarton Avenue1939Avoid confusion with Corby Avenue4 (p. 113); 9
Craigside Road (in the 1890s)WHCraigside Avenue? 4 (p. 131)
Cross StreetBPMcGregor Street1921Avoid confusion with Cross Street, New Town7
Crown StreetSBRandall Street1939 2
Derwent StreetHTrumpeter Street1939 2
Domain RoadHAberdeen Street1939 2
Douglas AvenueSBBraddon Avenue1939 2
Dunk StreetSHDownie Street1939Sounded too similar to Dunn Place, Hobart2; 6
Elphinstone StreetSHWeld Street1882Avoid duplication with Elphinstone Road, North Hobart6
Emma StreetNHNewport Street1894Renamed by the own Board, New Town 1; 8
Forest CrescentWHWhelan Crescent1939Avoid confusion with Forest Road2; 4 (p. 194); 9
Fort Nelson RoadSBFolder Street1939 2
Garden CrescentHFitzroy Crescent1939Avoid confusion with Garden Road, Moonah2
George StreetWHRennie Street1939Avoid duplication with George Street, North Hobart2; 9
George Street BPGladstone Street1882Avoid duplication with George Street, North Hobart7
George StreetNHBoa Vista Road1905Avoid duplication with George Street, North Hobart1; 8
George Street (off Park Street near Domain)NTNo longer exists.after 1890Absorbed into Brooker Avenue1
Gilbert AvenueLVDoyle Avenue1940A tribute to the late Mr Leo Doyle10
Gormanston StreetNHFederal Street1899Avoid duplication with Gormanston Street, West Hobart8
Grant StreetBPKnopwood Street1939Recognise Robert Knopwood's association with this area7
Hamilton CrescentWHDalrymple Street1939 2
Harold StreetSHDegraves Street1939Avoid confusion with Harold Street, Glenorchy2; 6
Harrington Street (part of)BPKirksway Place1954Avoid confusion with Harrington Street Deviation7
Hawthorn AvenueNTOldham Avenue1939 2; 5
Hay StreetNTClarendon Street1943Sounded too similar to Haig Street, Lenah Valley5
Hickman StreetLVPickard Street1940Another Hickman Street in New Town10
High StreetSBSandy Bay Road1939 2
High StreetNHTasma Street1921Avoid duplication with High Street, Sandy Bay1; 8
Hone StreetSHMilles Street1939Sounded too similar to Hope Street, New Town2; 6
Hope StreetWHRoberts Street1921Avoid duplication with Hope Street, New Town4 (p. 182); 9
Hugh StreetSHSyme Street1939 2; 6
Ian StreetSHLuke Street1927 6
James Street, E. to W. SectionHKnopwood Street1939 2
John StreetSHIan Street1921Avoid duplication with John Street, North Hobart6
Kent AvenueWHCato Avenue1939 2; 4 (p. 125); 9
King StreetNHPitt Street1921Avoid duplication with King Street, Sandy Bay1; 8
Laurence StreetNTMeredith Street1939Sounded too similar to Florence Street, Moonah2; 5
Lloyd StreetNTRoope Street (between Swanston and Pirie Streets)after 1890 1
Lord StreetSHWynyard Street1921Avoid duplication with Lord Street, Sandy Bay6
Lord's RoadNHCarr Street1921Avoid duplication with Lord Street, Sandy Bay1; 5; 8
Lower Queen StreetNHLefroy Street1881A petition from the street's residents8
Luke StreetSHHennebry Street1939Sounded too similar to Duke Street, Sandy Bay2; 6
Macquarie LaneSHApsley Street1906Avoid confusion with Macquarie Street6
Macquarie LaneSHMacfarlane Street1939Avoid confusion with Macquarie Street2; 6
Main roadNTNew Town Road (Augusta Road to Creek Road)1939 2
Main RoadSBSandy Bay Road (Wellington Rivulet to City Boundary)1939 2
Main Road (Risdon Road to Newtown Rivulet)NTNew Town Roadafter 1890 1
Marshall's LaneNTSunnyside Roadafter 1890 1
Melbourne StreetHVictoria Street1939 2; 4 (p. 147)
Mellifont Street (portion off Elphinstone Road)MSStrathern Street1926 3
Milton StreetHMcKellar Street1939 2; 6
Montagu AvenueNTMontagu Street1939 2
Moore StreetNHLewis Street1939 2; 8
Mortyn AvenueWHForbes Avenue1939Avoid confusion with Mortimer Avenue, Mount Stuart2; 9
Mt. Nelson RoadSBNelson Road1939 2
Murrell StreetNTRattle Street1939Sounded too similar to Murray Street, Hobart2; 5
Nelson AvenueSBNile Avenue1939 2
New StreetSHCameron Streetc1900There were other New Streets in Hobart6
New StreetWHCane Street1939It wasn't new any more2; 9
New WharfBPPrinces Wharf1902It wasn't new any more7
Newton PlaceNTHonora Avenueafter 1890 1
Norfolk LaneHSuffolk Lane1939 2
Pier StreetSBMarsden Street1939 2
Pillinger StreetNTDouglas Street1921Avoid duplication with Pillinger Street, Dynnyrne5
Princes StreetWHCavell Street1921Avoid duplication with Princes Street, Sandy Bay9
Princes WharfBPSalamanca Place1939Avoid confusion with Princes Street, Sandy Bay7
Princess Street (on George Frankland's map in the 1830s)WHPrinces Street ?Later Cavell Street4 (p. 126,7)
Providence ValleyWHQueen Street ?Later Newdegate Street4 (p. 174)
Providence ValleyWHNewdegate Street (between Andrew and Mellifont Streets)after 1890 1
Quarry StreetWHBrowne Street (between Arthur and Pine Streets)after 1890 1; 4 (p. 122)
Queen StreetNH/WHNewdegate Street (between Elizabeth and Andrew Streets)1925Avoid duplication with Queen Street, Sandy Bay1; 4 (p. 174); 8; 9
Reform StreetSHLynton Avenue1929At request of residents6
Ross StreetNTValentine Street1939Sounded too similar to Cross Street, New Town1; 2
Ryder StreetNTD'Emden Street1939Avoid confusion with Ryde Street, North Hobart2; 4 (p. 132); 9
Scott StreetLVGiblin Street1921Avoid duplication with Scott Street, Glebe1
Scott StreetNHMoore Street1899Avoid duplication with another Scott Street in New Town8
Scott StreetNHLewis Streetafter 1890 1
Short StreetNTNo longer exists.after 1890Was next to New Town Primary School1
St Georges StreetBPLogan Street1921Avoid confusion with St Georges Terrace7
Stephen Street or Augusta RoadLVAugusta Roadafter 1890 1
Toarra RoadNTMaria Street1939 2
Trafalgar StreetNTMidwood Street1939Avoid duplication with Trafalgar Place, Hobart2; 5
Trinity LaneNTNo longer exists.after 1890Was between Campbell Street and Park Street/Brooker Avenue beside old Trinity Cemetery1
Upper D'Arcy StreetSHWellesley Street1904Avoid confusion with Darcy Street6
Veterans RowNHMurray Street (between Burnett and Warwick Streets)after 1890 1
Ware StreetNHFeltham Street1939 2; 8
Watch-House LaneHChapel Streetearly 1900sLater Berea Street4 (p. 117)
Wellington BuildingsWHPine Street1899A petition from the street's residents4 (p. 117); 9
Wellington CrescentBPWaterloo Crescent1921Avoid confusion with Wellington Street, North Hobart7
Williamson StreetNHBurnett Street (between Argyle and Campbell Streets)1921Avoid confusion with William Street, West Hobart1; 8
Windsor StreetSBNixon Street1939 2

In the 'SUBURB' column, the following abbreviations are used:

BP = Battery Point
H = Hobart
LV = Lenah Valley
MS = Mount Stuart
NH = North Hobart
NT = New Town
SB = Sandy Bay
SH = South Hobart
WH = West Hobart

Note that some streets may now be in a different suburb due to boundary changes since the name change. In the 'NOTES' column, most of the reasons given were researched by Donald Howatson. The 'SOURCES' column indicates –

1.  Raynor, Tony. (1999) New Town Historical Walk – Guided Tour by historian Tony Raynor. (Photocopied notes.) These notes, issued to participants on the walk, contain part of a map dated 1890.  Changes have been worked out by comparing this map with the current Tasmanian Street Atlas.

2. The Mercury newspaper, Hobart.  Saturday 30 September, 1939, p. 12, retrieved from TROVE. A notice which read (in part), "NOTICE IS GIVEN that by a resolution passed by the City Council, on 18th. September, 1939, the following alterations have been made in the names of certain streets of the City of Hobart". (Thank you to Ray Hayes for providing a copy of this notice.)

3. The Mercury newspaper, Hobart. Thursday 1 July 1926, p. 1, retrieved from TROVE. A notice which read (in part), "NOTICE IS GIVEN that, by a Resolution of the Hobart City Council, passed on 28th day of June, 1926, the following Alterations have been made in the names of certain streets of the City of Hobart".

4. Goodrick, Joan. (1993) The West Hobart Story. Sandy Bay, Tasmania: Shearwater Press. Although this book has an extensive bibliography, unfortunately sources are not quoted in the text.

5. Howatson, Donald (2011) The Story of New Town – Street by Street 

6. Howatson, Donald (2012) The Story of South Hobart – Street by Street

7. Howatson, Donald (2012) The Story of Battery Point – Street by Street 

8. Howatson, Donald (2013) The Story of North Hobart – Street by Street

9. Howatson, Donald (2014) The Story of West Hobart – Street by Street
(Thank you to Donald Howatson for providing his lists from the above publications. More information about how, when and why many of these changes were made can be found in these books.)

10. The Mercury newspaper, Hobart. Tuesday 26 November 1940, retrieved from TROVE. Article headed 'HOBART STREET NAMES - Changes Approved'

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