Tasmanian Family History Society Inc. Hobart Branch

News - March 2020

Editor: Judith Crossin

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Tues 17 March - 7.30pm General Meeting

VENUE: Old Sunday School Hall, St John's Park

GUEST SPEAKER: Michael Holmes

TOPIC: The best of the best Vanishing Towns. Michael will talk about his latest module covering his "best of the best" of Vanishing Towns.

More for Your Diary

Thu 19 March - 10.00am Branch Committee Meeting

VENUE: Branch Library, Bellerive

Thu 19 March - 1.30pm DNA Group Meeting

VENUE: Church Hall at St Marks Anglican Church, Bellerive

Thu 26 March - 2pm Library Committee

VENUE: Branch Library, Bellerive

Tue 21 April - 7:30pm - Annual General Meeting

GUEST SPEAKER: John Stephenson

TOPIC: The Story of the Virtual Hobart Projects

The following items were accessioned during the month of February 2020.

Library Accessions October 2019


The following items were accessioned during the month of October.


* Harris, Steve; THE LOST BOYS OF MR DICKENS - How the British Empire turned artful dodgers into child killers [364.42099464 HAR]

* Holderness-Roddam, Bob; THE HOLDERNESS - RODDAM AND RODDAM FAMILY HISTORIES - Parts One, Two & Three [Q929.2 ROD]

* O'Hart, John; IRISH PEDIGREES, Vol. 1 - The Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation [929.1 OHA]

* O'Hart, John; IRISH PEDIGREES, Vol. 2 - The Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation [929.1 OHA]

* Powell, Merrilee; BETWEEN CREEKS - Millers Creek to Black Creek [994.44 POW]

* Quirindi and District Historical Society; Historical Notes, Vol. 11, No. 2 - BREEZA; HISTORY OF THE DISTRICT AND CENTENARY OF EDUCATION 1973 [994.44 DUR]

* Quirindi and District Historical Society; Historical Notes, Vol. 11, No. 4 - HISTORY OF BLACKVILLE, YARRAMAN, COOMOO COOMOO AREAS [994.44 CAR]

TFHS Inc. Hobart; UNDERTAKERS OF HOBART Vol. II - Index to Alex Clark & Son Funeral Records - Part 2, Nov 1907 - Dec 1920 [Q929.31099461 UND]

* Walker, S; ENTERPRISE, RISK & RUIN - The Stage-coach and the development of Van Diemen's Land and Tasmania [388.341 WAL]

Whitaker, Scott; RAILWAY HOTELS OF AUSTRALIA, Vol. 4 - South Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania and Western Australia [647.0594 WHI]

Computer Disks

* Huguenot Society of Australia; HUGUENOT SURNAMES INDEX - A Mater Index to the Quarto Series of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain & Ireland

* Denotes complimentary or donated item

Hobart branch committee - nominations

Nominations for positions on Hobart Branch Committee are welcome and forms can be picked up at the Library or collected at the March General Meeting.


The Tasmanian Family History Society Inc. membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March.

In the past the membership renewal form was sent with the December Tasmanian Ancestry journal, however, in order to streamline our procedures and systems we included the renewal form with the March issue of Tasmanian Ancestry which was mailed out late February.

We look forward to your continuing membership and hope you enjoy the Tasmanian Ancestry Journal and all the benefits that come with being a member of Tasmanian Family History Society Inc.

FCRC Seminar 2020: Sunday, 5th April 2020

Two hundred years ago, the Morley sailed from London to Hobart Town. This was the first time that convict women were sent to Van Diemen's Land directly from England. The convict women on the Morley arrived at a time before the Hobart Town Female Factory was established, raising the question of how they were managed. The Morley disembarked 50 of its cargo of 121 women; the remainder sailed to Sydney. This pattern of shared voyages continued for some time and it was not until the Providence in 1826 that a female convict ship disembarked its entire shipment of convict women in Hobart.

Our Seminar for 2020 will explore the experience of those convict women who came directly to Hobart Town and compare it with those who came via Sydney. Why was the system changed? What impact did it have on the lives of the convict women?

Registration will be $50 (plus 50c. Trybooking fee). Registration is now available through TryBooking. The venue will be the Hobart Town Hall.

IMPORTANT: Bookings close Sunday 29th March 2020.

Dianne Snowden (President) Female Convicts Research Centre Inc.

Friends of the Orphan Schools  St John's Park Precinct New Town, Tasmania

Sunday 29 March - 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm - Precinct Tour

Group walking tour of the Orphan Schools and St. John's Park Precinct. The tour includes a visit to St. John's Church. Learn about the site and its history from one of our tour guides. $20 donation ($15 for financial members) on the day includes notes and "tea and biscuits" afterwards. Booking are necessary - please register online.

Find & Connect

The Find & Connect web resource brings together historical resources relating to institutional "care" in Australia. You can use it to:

· read information about and view images of children's Homes

· get help to find records about your childhood in "care"

· connect with support groups and services in your state/territory

You will not find personal information or private records on Find & Connect . This website contains only information that is already published and/or in the public domain, or information that stakeholders have agreed to place in the public domain to help those who experienced out-of-home "care" access records.

Hobart Synagogue 175th anniversary

The Hobart Synagogue was consecrated on 4 July 1845. On the weekend of 3-5 July 2020, we will be celebrating the synagogue's 175th anniversary with a series of events and services. The Hobart Synagogue is compiling descendant stories for the event and can be found here.

Hobart family and Hales Hall

Hales Hall has a distinguished history. Being the home in the 13 th century of Alice de Hales, whose father Sir Roger was the Coroner for Norfolk. Thomas de Brotherton, Edward 2nd's half- brother, fell in love and married her (with-out Royal permission!), and after his death she became Duchess of Suffolk. The enigmatic lawyer James Hobart arrived in 1478, and was Henry 7th's Attorney-General for twenty one years. How-ever by the late fifteen hundreds, this powerful Catholic family fell out of favour. Fines as recusants, together with family squabbles, led to their eventual downfall, and their great house was demolished. The stables were converted to a farmhouse, but the barn continued to hold the estate's harvest until 1970.

Terry and Judy Read - We restored Hales Hall in Loddon (UK) over 40 years, and we have written a book on the restoration and included a chapter on the Hobart family, starting with Sir James Hobart. If any members are interested a flyer may be downloaded here.

Vanishing Towns: Tasmania's Ghost Towns and Settlements - Michael Holmes

Vanishing Towns by Michael Holmes details an amazing number of Tasmanian towns and settlements that no longer exist. Communities concealed by the passage of time, encroaching forest or the dust of public records are detailed in the first comprehensive book of such places, providing a fascinating insight into vanished communities, often located in remote areas, where life was harsh beyond our twenty-first century imagination. Many of these towns have vanished almost completely, others remain as little more than remnants and some only ever existed on paper.

The idea for the book came to the author during a visit to one of Tasmania's iconic ghost towns - Adamsfield. In the 1920s hundreds of miners and their families, driven by desperate times, sought their fortunes prospecting for osmiridium which, at the time, was worth eight times as much as gold. Well documented are places such as Balfour in the far North-West, Gormanston on the West Coast, Lottah in the North-East and Ramsgate in the South. A town to be called Russia was even uncovered. While many of the sites are located in what were once remote areas, the good news for the historically curious is that most are now reasonably accessible.

Family History Federation - Australian Railway Workers

The Family History Federation is an educational charity supporting over 160 member organisations throughout the world. The registered office is located at 2 Primrose Avenue, Urmston, Manchester.

Australia has extensive archives relating to railway workers and you can find a very useful guide for South Australian records here and for Western Australia here