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Information re Names of Interest and Confidentiality of Correspondence

Members submitting family names of interest on Application for or Renewal of Membership Forms, and any person requesting research at a branch, should be aware of the following points.

· Family names of interest submitted on an Application for Membership Form are published in the TFHS Inc. journal Tasmanian Ancestry with the new member's name and postal address, and email address (if any).

· Addresses will not be published if the applicant so requests.

· Although all research request letters/forms will remain confidential, addresses and family names of interest may be made available on request to any person researching the same name/s.

· At the end of each financial year, a list of family names of interest is compiled from the Membership Application and Renewal Forms and published as Members' Interests. This list is accessible at TFHS Inc. branch libraries.

Remember that a stamped self-addressed envelope should be enclosed when contacting another researcher.

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