Undertakers of Hobart

Details included in these indexes are name of deceased. place of death, age, death date, burial date, burial and/or birth place and, in some instances, the name of the payee of the account.


 Undertakers of Hobart Vol I 
Pierce J Keating Funeral Records 18951964 (with gaps)

Thanks to the Graham Family Funeral Home these records were made available for indexing, and have since been filmed by the Archives Office of Tasmania where they are available on film.


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Undertakers of Hobart Vol II
Alex Clark & Son Funeral Records

Records for Volumes II - IV have kindly been made available for indexing by H C Millington Pty Ltd who, during the 1900s, acquired both the Clark family funeral businesses.  Copies or extra details are available from Hobart Branch where duplicate copies are held on computer.


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Undertakers of Hobart Vol III  Clark Bros Funeral Records

Part 1 March 1910 February 1928

Part 2  February 1928 July 1945

      Part 1                                                              Part 2      

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Undertakers of Hobart Vol IV  H C Millington Pty Ltd Funeral Records
Part 1 April 1935 - May 1937

Part 2 May 1937 March 1944


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