Indexes to New Items, Obituaries and Photographs in Tasmanian weekly magazines and Launcestonís newspaper The Examiner
Compiled by Wendy Knolle

Before her untimely death, Wendy Knolle kindly donated remaining stock and the master copies of her publications to Hobart Branch.  Each index gives the personís name, rank (if known), the date of publication in the newspaper with the page number.  It should be noted that Tasmanians from the whole state featured in Launcestonís The Examiner, not just those from northern districts.


News Items and Obituaries of WWI Servicemen & Servicewomen
in the Tasmanian Weekly Magazines


Volume 1 Tasmanian Mail                    Volume 2 Weekly Courier

Sample page                                             Sample page             

Index to Photographs of WWI Servicemen and Women
in the Tasmanian Weekly Magazines


Volume 1 Weekly Courier                         Volume 2 Tasmanian Mail

Sample page                                                  Sample page


Index to News Items, Obituaries and Photographs of WWII

Servicemen and Women in the The Examiner


Volume 1 1939-1940                                    Volume 2 1941      

Sample page                                          Sample page




       Volume 3 1942-1943                               Volume 4 1943-1946      


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