Publisher's Preface                                                                

Editors' Introduction                                                                11

Life and Death in the Launceston Female Factory                    

   An institutional failure: the Launceston Female Factory    15
   Obstreperous inmates                                                        24
   A rose by any other name                                                   31
Difficult Beginnings 39
   Washed ashore: surviving the shipwreck of the Neva 40
   A swing rioter: Elizabeth Studham 47
Out of Ireland 54

   Mary Salmon, a 'sad spectacle of humanity', and other
   women of the Tasmania in the Launceston Female Factory

   A long way from Tipperary: Margaret Ryan 63

    'A white rag burning': Jane Allen

The Sorrows of Child Murder                       74
   'Moved and seduced by the instigation of the devil':
an infant murder in County Roscommon  
   Mary Hogg: a reluctant grandmother  83
The Mixed Blessings of Motherhood 88
   'An interesting appearance' and a libellous case  89
   A journey to gentility: Hannah Tillotson  96
   Quite a girl    101
Resisting Reform         107
   Ann Murray 'mangles' her career as a laundry maid  109
   The men's quartersfirst violation for Ann Cooley  118
   Unhappy daughter of a celebrity: Sophia Mendoza  123
Came free, colonially convicted 130

   An immigrant woman in the convict system : Ann Winfield

   'A most respectable matron': Mary Kirk  137
'Turbulent Women' 145
   'The biggest blackguard in town': Ellen Toolan  146
   Charity by name perhaps  152
   A tough and tragic life   158
For Better or For Worse 164
   From despair to dynasty: Ellen Heath's story  166
   Jane Moffat: all for love 172
   Sly, and a great thief  177
Family Saga 181
   Mary Latham: a feisty troubled girl from Manchester  182
   A convict traveller ... for the love of family  189
   Surviving by a thread 196
   Judith what's-her-name from County Galway  200
Difficult Ends 206
   Feisty tragic or incorrigible old vagrant  207

   A brutal outrage at Westbury: the lingering death of Anne


The Heritage Lives On ... 218
   Beatrice McBarnet: bold woman, bold son  219
   Mary Heffernan and the big top  226
   'A basket on her arm and a blessing on her lips'  232
Contributors' Biographies 241
Bibliography 251
Index 264